Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Black Flame By Brodie

Black Flame
Thundering hooves echoed through the eerie silence of the the trees. Ferocious fiery red eyes glistened with rage. Scars scattered his ebony black coat and thick pasty mud was slathered over his sparkling black hooves. His flowing inky mane slapped the shaggy fur as the powerful wind entwined strands of dust covered hair together. A black wire whip like tail lashed the string like tree branches as his muscular body swayed in time to his pounding feet. Blazing fire erupted from between rows of razor sharp teeth that jutted out in all directions. Powerful wings drooped either side of his jet black body. Fiery neighs were spat from his massive mouth. Nostrils flared. A fork like tongue curled around tough decayed teeth. Soft delicate ears were pricked… waiting. A spiral horn emerged from the stray prickly pieces between his ears, dripping soft scarlet red blood.
By Brodie

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