Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The reaper leviathan description by Nicolas Lowe

The reaper leviathan            By Nicolas Lowe

In the dark, misty cave, eighteen different glowing eyes mysteriously appeared out of nowhere and stared. I shined my torch into the darkness and in my sight I saw… THE REAPER LEVIATHAN! It’s nine heads swayed left and right ready to attack. It had wings made from pure blue flames from the hottest volcanoes. It’s teeth were made from pure diamond shards and could cut through anything. The icy scales of this beast dug through the hard concrete. I ran out of the cave and the Reaper Leviathan followed on. It chased me through the forest, destroying everything in its way, with his pure, shining, diamond blade on his tail. I looked behind me and all I could focus on was its bloodshot eyes focusing on me as if I was a five star meal to him. I see a boat ahead of me and i jump into the boat. At the highest luck, I escape the island and the Reaper Leviathan flies away back into his cave. After that experience, I only thought of one thing,”FEAR THE REAPER!”  

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