Saturday, 27 June 2015

Week 10 in the Rock Stars

On Wednesday it was 7 aside tournament and most of the schools from the area went. Year 5-6 and year 7-8 went to the 7 aside.  It was an awesome day, the teachers heard lots of reports of fair ,fun play and ROCKERS values being shown.  Oh, and we won the Year 7-8 soccer trophy!

In math this week we have been learning our to create art using transformations of shapes. . We could use rotations (turns), reflections (mirror), translations (shifts) and enlargements. Here is one of our pictures.

On Thursday Room 2 went for a walk in the QE2 because Mrs Frost (our teacher) had never been in the QE2.  Some paths were overgrown and we got lost. We couldn’t find the particular part of the creek. Here are some photos that we took while we were in the QE2.

This week we have also been learning about descriptive writing and we did some monster writing. We will be sharing it with Parklands School, they will try to draw it. The people with the most similar monsters win. Parklands School might also be sharing some monsters with us that we will have to draw.Here are some photo’s of some monsters.  
My MONSTER writing
My monsters name is Cloudy. He has a ginormous blue circle head that is far too heavy for his small blue cloud like body. He has short blue arms and blue clouds for his hands and the same with his legs. He has 2 ears like a big old grizzly bear with 2 upsidedown raindrops inside them the colours for the raindrops are red green and orange. He has 2 green and yellow stripey snakes on either side of his head one pointing up and the other on pointing down He has 2 bulging eyes like Spongebob Squarepants with 3 eyelashes on each one. His eyes are about the size of a ping pong ball. My monster has 2 antennas with eyes on top. The eyes are like the other eyes, he has purple pupils. On each antenna he has purple sharp spikes, stuck to the antenna. He has orange polka dots all over his body.
And that is my MONSTER!!!

By Mia :)

We have also been working on our poppy art.  We have learnt how to draw a poppy and have recreated it 4 times using different mediums.  This week we are using collage.  

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