Friday, 28 August 2015

Week 6 in the Rock Stars

This week in the Rock Stars we had Daffodil day on Thursday. Lots of people participated. Some people had outstanding outfits. Lilly Brookes was the best dressed junior, Olivia Augustine was the best dressed intermediate and Jay Read was the best dressed senior. Here are some photos.


On Thursday we went to the QE2 .Kate, the garden teacher wasn’t there so we spent some time noticing the sounds and what we could feel and see. We saw a Tui, after we noticed it's song. Here is some writing about how we felt.  

"I could feel the wind rushing by my face like a speedy racing car. I could also feel the hot sun beaming down onto me like a blanket wrapping me up.I could hear birds chirping high up in the trees singing the song of nature. I could also hear the wind swirling and wooshing through the trees.I could see tall trees and other plants of nature. I could also see the blue sky and the big tall pool building. All of these scenes could feel nature,see nature and hear nature." By Stephen Charmley.

In Math we have been learning about area. What it means and how to calculate it. Ella, Mia and Paige made a video to show you how.

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