Friday, 4 September 2015

Week 7 in the Rock Stars

In the Rock Stars this week we have done some reading. We have been thinking why the author has decided to write this book. We have read some books, we think they wrote them because they want to entertain us. Now we have to work out what the author’s message is.  For example, in The Sneetches “even if you’re different, you are not any better or worse than anyone else”.

For math this week in the Rock Stars we have been learning about area. We have found that the difference between area and perimeter is that the area is the inside and the perimeter is the outside edges. When you increase the perimeter by a scale factor of 2, it doubles, but the area will multiply by 4.

This week in the Rock Stars we have traced around a template plate. Then we made some patterns on a cubes. Here are some photos of the first face of our cube.DSC00819.JPG


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